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Diplomas and professional experiences allowed Julien to acquire technical skills in engineering and project management.
On the other hand, curiosity and desire to learn allowed him to discover the world of politics, economy and finance.

Materials expert (Polymers, Ceramics, Metals and Composites)

Mechanical (3D modelling) and mechatronics (mechatronic system last year specialization) Engineering

Complex project management going through products development, marketing and sales

Company investment

Knowledge of the financial markets (companies, currency, etc.)

Business strategy

My path

Research internship for Orano (ex-Areva, nuclear power leader)


Intumscent paint characterization


Top student

DUT* Materials science and engineering


*High Technical Diploma


Executive board member


Ecole des Mines d’Alès


Innovative product creation


Vertical barbecue


Harvard University


Elastomer fatigue resistance researcher




Ecole des Mines d’Alès

Read the article (PDF)

Product manager



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Multiple business trips




Co-author scientific publication, Harvard University


“Stretchable materials of high toughness and low hysteresis”

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March 2019

Business Developer


(North United States)

August 2019

Global MBA
ESSEC Business School


Strategy and Digital Leadership



« The measure of intelligence is the ability to change »

Albert Einstein


Julien is traveling to always put himself out of his comfort zone and forced himself to adapt to new cultures and situations.

4 Languages (French, English, Italian and German)
10 Years out of his own country, France
21 Countries visited
416 Hours spent in the air


High level sportive for several years, sport is part of Julien’s daily routine since his early childhood.

Firstly, judokas during more than 10 years. Then, athlete and triathlete among the best French teams.

Sport allows soft skills development like perseverance, courage or even the capacity to make sacrifices which is useful either personally or professionally.

  • Champion France Ekiden Ac2aEkiden national champion as a team AC2A (2018)
  • Champion France 10km Ac2aTwice 10k National Team Champion - Alès Cévennes Athletics (2017-2018)
  • 1st Division Division French Duathlon Champion with Metz Triathlon (2018)1st Division Division French Duathlon Champion with Metz Triathlon (2018)
  • Porto Sant'Elpidio Triathlon (ITA)Porto Sant'Elpidio Triathlon (ITA)
  • Marco Tarabelli & Civitanova TriathlonMarco Tarabelli & Civitanova Triathlon
  • 10 km10 km
  • JudoJudo


Cobra Ultra & Cobra Core

Presentation of the differences between the two best arena racing swimming goggles for high level swimmers.

It was an honor for Julien to shoot this video in order to explain the greatness and uniqueness of these two different but similar goggles.


Despite the covid-19 pandemic, 2020 has been a year of opportunities.

A new start in the United States with a challenging project as well as a great teamwork throughout the year to face the crisis and outperform during this period.


Presentation of a revolutionary brand new technology for who likes swimming!

As the swimming goggles product manager, Julien had the chance and the pleasure to follow the development and the tests in laboratory with arena’s partners. Moreover, Julien had the honor to lead the tests with several athletes, from beginners to professional athletes! A strong collaboration between marketing and sales teams made this high technological project a great commercial success!

My last publications


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Press / 22 April 2021

For Julien, success comes from committing to an activity or a practice on a daily basis: it’s more effective to spend 20 minutes at the gym every day rather than expecting immediate results from a 3-hour intensive workout one day only.

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The water lily technique: The dealerships growth secret

Economy & finance, Entrepreneurship, Strategy / 7 October 2020

Big Dealers Get Bigger! Source : agequipmentintelligence.com According to Dave Kanicki and his Big Dealer […]

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The Experience Effect: Why prices move down over time? How to predict it?

Economy & finance, Strategy / 19 May 2020

Top executives are fully attentive to the experience effect of their products because, frequently, more experience leads to more market share…

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